Basslink cable not very viable, expert says.


A feasibility study into the viability of a second Bass Strait power cable has found there are limited scenarios where the link would be commercially possible.

The report by Dr John Tamblyn cost $1 million and was a year in the making. It was released quietly on Easter Friday.

The undersea cable connects Tasmania and Victoria; the existing one failed in 2016 and along with low damn levels plunged Tasmania into an energy crisis.

Labor’s Scott Bacon labelled Dr Tamblyn’s study as "embarrassing for the Government".

“They spent a million dollars on it, they're trying to bury it when what they should be doing is telling the Tasmanian people what they are going to do for renewable energy in this state", He said.

But the Tasmanian Minister for Energy Mathew Groom said that Turnbull’s announcement yesterday strengthens the government’s case for a second interconnector.

“A significant further expansion of Tasmania's Hydro capacity will only strengthen the case for a second interconnector which is why the Tasmanian Government is partnering with the Commonwealth Government to fully realise its potential”.

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