Labor's Tas crusade

Bill Shorten is the latest federal Labor MP to lob into Tasmania, following in the footsteps of some of his shadow ministers this week.

The opposition leader is suggesting government ministers are avoiding visiting the state because of a planned increase in the Medicare levy.

"When you look at the fact and you only have to look at the income tax increases they're proposing for Tasmanians, 86% of Tasmanians file a tax return where their income is less than $87,000, yet Mr Turnbull wants them to pay more income tax and he wants millionaires to pay less, probably that's why they have not turned up here."

Education has been one of Bill Shorten's main talking points.

He dropped into Wynyard's Saint Brigid's Catholic School with a message about the fall-out of the Turnbull Government's remodelled Gonski funding.

"Why is that the Liberal Party of Australia is happy to see money going to a school with a rifle range in the leafy suburbs of Sydney, but not make sure that Tasmania's getting its fair share of education funding, this is a cut to schools in Tasmania and what it will mean in a school like this is that parents will have to face the prospect of paying increased fees."  

Photo by Peter Campbell

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