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Amy Schumer gets pretty in new comedy


Amy Schumer arrives at the world premiere of "I Feel Pretty" at the Westwood Village Theater on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, in Los Angeles (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Not too long ago Amy Schumer would have been a little uneasy sharing scenes with supermodels Lauren Hutton, Naomi Campbell and Emily Ratajkowski.

In her new comedy, I Feel Pretty, the 36-year-old stand-up comic turned movie star faced that prospect and it did not phase her.

"Honestly, no," Schumer told AAP in a video interview in New York on the weekend.

"That's something that maybe even five years ago I would have been making a lot of jokes about it as a defence mechanism.

"Maybe it's being in my late 30s and getting drilled on the internet so much, but I really feel great about myself."

Schumer plays Renee Bennett in I Feel Pretty, a New Yorker in a steady job and with a tight group of friends.

But, she wants more.

Bennett has low self esteem, is insecure and does not like what she sees when she looks at a mirror.

When she works out at a hipster SoulCycle gym her feet are too big for the equipment and she is too heavy for the bikes.

During one session surrounded by super fit beauties she falls off the bike, bumps her head and when she wakes up something odd has happened.

When she looks into a mirror she sees a supermodel.

Her friends still see the same Renee, but she is convinced she is a stunner and her new confidence leads her on a new path and job at a cosmetics giant.

There's plenty of typical dirty Schumer comedy in the film, but it also tackles the issue of self-esteem in a way Hollywood romantic comedies have not.

There is a heartfelt speech Renee gives toward the end of the movie that is striking.

"What my character realises is when you're a little girl you have all of this confidence, you let your belly hang out, you just want to dance and play and then your confidence gets chipped away," Schumer said.

"People say mean things to you, you start to doubt yourself and compare yourself to other people.

"So the movie is about trying to get people back to that confidence you have when you are a child."

I Feel Pretty opens in Australia on Thursday (April 19).

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