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Eurovision Everest for performers: Mauboy

jessica mauboy eurovision2018

For Jessica Mauboy, competing in the Eurovision Song Contest is a challenge like no other.

"Eurovision is the greatest test of an entertainer, it's the Mount Everest of performance moments," the R&B singer said.

Mauboy, who initially found fame as a finalist on Australian Idol in 2006, will be the opening contestant in Thursday's second semi-final with her song We Got Love.

"There are lots of ways to work magic in a studio or a video, but put an artist on stage fully live, and that is the real test of an artist's ability to find a connection in their performance," the 28-year-old said.

Australia first entered the competition in 2015, but the song contest has been hugely popular there since it was first broadcast in 1974.

"Australians love a party, Australians love pop, Australians love colour. Eurovision really talks to us Aussies in all its rainbow colours," Mauboy said.

While Mauboy has previous experience on the Eurovision stage as a guest performer at the 2014 competition in Copenhagen, she admits to being nervous ahead of Thursday's performance on the big stage.

"I get very nervous, but I calm it backstage by doing burpees as a work out," she says.

Mauboy is hoping to join the 10 other contestants who qualified for Saturday's final.

Austria, Estonia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Israel, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Albania, Finland and Ireland all progressed from the first semi-final on Tuesday.

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