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The Sandlot - It's been 25 years and WOW do we feel old

It’s been over 25 years since the release of “The Sandlot,” a coming-of-age baseball film that was a cultural milestone for many 90s kids - especially North Americans.

Patrick Renna and Tom Guiry, aka Ham and Smalls, two of 'The Sandlot' stars, recently tweeted a photo of a young fan sporting a 'Sandlot' T-shirt featuring the movie's most memorable line: 'You're killing me Smalls'.

Since July 25, 2018, the tweet has seen nearly 30,000 re-tweets and has had over 128,000 likes.

See it below as well as an official catch up with all the cast!

The Sandlot’ Stars Reunite 25 Years After Release Of Classic Film

The Sandlot (1993) - Original Trailer