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Altered Carbon set for a second season

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Australian actress/cast member Dichen Lachman, Swedish actor/cast member Joel Kinnaman, US screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis and Mexican actress/cast member Martha Higareda pose for a photo during a press conference for 'Altered Carbon' TV series.

Just six months after season one of Altered Carbon was released on Netflix, the announcement has been made that the hit sci-fi show will be renewed for a second season!

There are some big changes ahead…including a new lead actor, Anthony Mackie. Mackie has been cast as Takeshi Kovacs, previously played by Joel Kinnaman.

Anthony Mackie.jpg

Actor Anthony Mackie (AAP Image/Supplied by Entertainment One)

Altered Carbon (season two) will continue to delve into the sci-fi world, which spans hundreds of years across numerous time frames. The new season will continue to delve into the realms of mortality and explore the ideas of the human soul and identity. 

Are you ready for the new Kovacs?


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