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Pimple Pete - The Pimple Popping Game

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Warning - this is not for the faint of heart. 

Pimple Pete is a board game for kids which features Pimple Pete who has some major issues with his skin and he needs your help.

Game synopsis:

'In this pimple popping board game from Spin Master, you must pop Simple Pete's zits without moving the face too fast or hard. Pimple Pete is spring loaded on the back. Move him too much and you risk popping the mega zit on his nose Simply spin the spinner and depending on the part of the face that you land on, you must carefully extract the corresponding pimple on Pimple Pete's face using only two fingers. The person who extracts the most pimples wins. You can fill Pimple Pet with water or any other liquid. If you shake Pimple Pete while surgically removing his pimples, the liquid will come shooting out of the mega zit.' Toy Buzz YouTube

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