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A dream job for 60 lucky people

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Ferrero, which makes Nutella and delicious creations like Ferrero Rocher chocolates, has posted an ad for 60 non-professionals to become 'sensory judges', aka TASTE TESTERS.

Because the company is looking for its consumers, no experience necessary. The only requirement is that tasters have no allergies (to food) and be able to use a computer.

The publication says the ideal candidates are listed as people who would like to learn "how to taste cocoa, hazelnut powder and other semi-finished sweet products".

Does that sound like you?

Oh, and you must also be willing to relocate to Alba, Piedmont, Italy.

The Job posting is found here just make sure you have your translator at the ready!


The world is your oyster, and Nutella&GO! is your compass.

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