vote now aft wings seafm 2019

vote now aft wings seafm 2019

Spectacular light show created with 600 drones

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Now that covid is easing, the big festivals are returning, and Sydney’s Vivid festival of light has celebrated its comeback in a spectacular way.

The opening weekend featured a stunning light show over Sydney Harbour made with 600 drones.

The aerial display set against a brilliantly lit Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House was the largest drone show in the Southern Hemisphere.

The collaboration with Paramount+ started with the drones flying into position then showing a 5 second countdown before launching into its display of iconic characters from the streaming giant's catalogue.

Images included the Starship Enterprise, Spongebob Squarepants, Paw Patrol, a fighter jet, NCIS: Sydney logo and South Park.

vivid pawpatrol

vivid southpark

Who needs fireworks when you have drones, you may ask? It's a good question.

For people concerned about the environmental impact of fireworks, a drone light display might be the answer.

You can watch the full show in real-time here:

Images: Vivid Festival/YouTube