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NWFL Player of the week

This week’s SeaFM NWFL Young Player of the week is Ulverstone’s Tyler Everett. Tyler is a courageous young player with elite pace and breaking speed. He has a real strength in that his physical attributes allow flexibility to play small or tall at either end of the ground. Tyler is just...

Beautiful Port Sorell

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I've always seen photos but never experienced Port Sorell's boat yards in person. 

On a sunny day this is well worth the time to explore with amazing riverside walks through

the bush and tranquil sarrounds. Might be worth waiting for high tide though as there's all 

but a trickle of water when the tide is out.

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Big Red Tractor

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How good is Tasmanian scenery? Even better with some old horse power in it.

This was taken at Sassafras when I had to pull over and grab a photo.

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Puppy love

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It's amazing how much delight our furry friends can bring us during their short time here.

Maya had to have one of her hind legs removed due to a cancer earlier this year but that

hasn't stopped her from enjoying a car ride through the surrounding farmland.

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Furry bed fellow

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So there was the part where I started using white sheets and quilt covers so I could see if

there were any creepy crawlies I should know about before going to bed, and here is why!

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