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Friday Test Drive

Each Friday morning, SeaFM's Lee & Jess for Breakfast will introduce a new product and put it through its paces.

Lee and Jess will bring out the "L" plates and test drive products live in the studio!

Their aim is to demonstrate interaction with the products and explain how it works, why YOU are going to want it and have a whole lot of fun while doing it.

It could be the latest computer or electronic gadget, kitchen appliance, DIY product, creature comfort, portable entertainment device or clothing! It could be absolutely anything!


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Lee and Jess took the UPRIGHT GO for a test drive this week from Harvey Norman Devonport. Lee has terrible posture and cannot recommend this product higher as it is a constant reminder to sit up straight! Have a listen to how it all went down on Lee and Jess for Breakfast and see for youself how you can benefit from the UPRIGHT GO.