xmas 2017 wings

xmas 2017 wings

Workday with Mike O-B

  • Real life Hermione Granger

  • Rita Ora's "The Voice" prank fail!

  • Perfect - Ed Sheeran

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    The Lord of the Rings TV series

Street Beat

  • Devonport City Mission Garage Sale

  • craft fair.jpg

    Craft Market - Devonport

  • st. pauls kitchen.jpg

    St Paul's Kitchen - Devonport.

  • armidale.jpg

    Service to honour HMAS Armidale - Latrobe

Sustainable House Day


Looking for something to do this Sunday? Wagonhaus Co will be featuring their latest model 'Tiny Monument' on Sustainable House Day this Sunday (Sept 17th) at Forth. Hosted by the Alternative Technology Association, the tiny house will be on display between 11am-3pm down at Forth Primary School. Lee and Jess spoke to Gideon about the roll tiny houses play this day and age.