Bus woes continue

March 1, 2023 4:41 pm in by

Metro bus

Greater Hobart’s public transport woes continue with dozens of Metro services cancelled again on Wednesday. 

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union claims drivers have been quitting in droves due to being abused and spat on by members of the public.

Roughly 100 services a day have been cancelled lately as the state-owned bus operator prioritises school runs.

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Labor is promising transit officers on buses to protect drivers.

“Public transport in the state is in crisis because the government has the wrong priorities and the Transport Minister has been asleep at the wheel,” said Shadow Transport Minister Josh Willie.  

“Metro drivers are speaking out about their unsafe working conditions but it is falling on deaf ears. Transport Minister Michael Ferguson’s avoidance of responsibility is helpful, and has led to huge numbers of drivers quitting, and overall dissatisfaction from drivers and commuters.”

The criticism prompted this response in Parliament from Minister Michael Ferguson. 

“It can’t just be about transit officers, unless you’ve got a spare 2500 of those,” he said. 

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“We’ve got to get systemic improvement, including better enforcement of the law in this state.” 

A full list of cancellations is available here.


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