Call for Leith Junction speed reduction

February 6, 2024 10:24 am in by

Two Coastal councils have called for more safety improvements for the contentious Leith Junction on the Bass Highway, including a speed limit reduction and permanent speed cameras.

The State Government originally planned to spend in excess of $10 million for an overpass, which would have seen several homes near the highway compulsorily acquired.

However, the State Government said the overpass wasn’t a done deal and following a concerted public campaign and further community consultation saw the Government back down and devise an alternative, costing $2.4 million.

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As the safety upgrade nears completion, Devonport Mayor Alison Jarman and Central Coast Mayor Cheryl Fuller say the upgrades won’t do the job and lowering the speed limit has to go hand in hand with the current upgrades.

Lowering the speed limit was one option considered by the Department of State Growth, but ultimately rejected.

The two mayors say reducing the speed limit only adds 10 seconds to travel time through the junction.

Safety upgrades still to be completed on site include the installation of permanent lighting, but no plans for speed cameras.