Motorists urged to slow down for devils and other wildlife

January 31, 2024 10:59 am in by
One of the released Tasmanian Devils. Image: Jake Wilton (Supplied by Aussie Ark)

The Central Coast Council is urging locals and visitors to the region alike to slow down on the roads, particularly after dark, to help save native wildlife.

The council says there’s been a recent increase in roadkill in the municipality, including a Tasmanian devil.

The council’s natural resource management officer attended and logged the report with the Tasmanian Roadkill Register, which helps map out devil hotspots.

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The council installed motion sensor cameras in the area, one of which captured images of another healthy devil.

Neither the devil which was run over, nor the one seen by the cameras, showed no sign of Devil Facial Tumour Disease, which the council says is positive news from an otherwise sad story.