Snakes out and about on the Coast

September 26, 2023 10:07 am in by

Snakes have been spotted on the move across the North-West Coast as the warmer weather continues.

North-West Snake Catchers has posted photos on it’s Facebook page of a tiger snake caught in a Burnie garage and a copperhead caught at Abbotsham, near Ulverstone in the past week.

The post is also advising people to keep their gardens and lawns well maintained and clutter free, and to ensure play equipment and toys are packed up after use and to check sandpits before use.

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It’s also saying to avoid using back and front door areas as dumping grounds for shoes and to try and to keep on top of rodent control houses and sheds.

Snakes will often venture onto a property in search of water, so by placing some water containers along the perimeter or outside boundary of the property, it may give the snake the water it needs without coming closer.

And, as always don’t try to catch or kill a snake and call the experts.

All Tasmania snakes are venomous, so if bitten, seek immediate medical aid.


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