xmas 2017 wings

xmas 2017 wings


Expansion plans for rescue Helicopter

800px Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tasmania

There are plans for expansion of the service provided by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter in Tasmania, beyond responding to emergencies in the state.

A team has flown into Queenstown's Mountain Heights School on Tasmania's West Coast for a learning experience for around 250 students from across the region.

Chair of the rescue outfit Therese Taylor has hopes of building its role further into the hospital system.

"In a state like Tasmania, where we have got specialist medical treatment centres being established now through the new health system we have, either in Launceston, Hobart or Devonport.

"Its easier in a state like this to transport patients via helicopter and those are where the opportunities lie," Ms Taylor said. 

Image: Image by JJ Harrison via Wikimedia



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