Government plans to phase out unleaded petrol

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The RACT claims the federal government's plan to phase out regular unleaded petrol, will result in a substantial price increase for motorists.

Canberra is considering banning 91RON petrol as early as 2020, as part of plans to reduce vehicle emissions.

If the ban goes through, motorists will have to buy premium unleaded petrol which costs an average 12 cents more per litre than standard petrol.

Executive general manager of Membership & Community, Stacey Pennicott said the average age of cars in Tasmania is higher than the national average.

“Tasmanian owners of older cars will be required to pay a higher price for premium unleaded petrol without any of the emission benefits.

“while the RACT recognises that changes may be required to protect the environment, more work needs to be done on the timing of any change to minimise impact on consumers”, said Ms Pennicott.

Nursing student Hannah Watson travels between Hobart and Launceston on a weekly basis and said that Fuel is already her main expense.

“It would make it almost for me and I’m sure other people to do that because, there are a lot of people that are worse off than me, I know that there are people that have children... I don’t have those responsibilities and I’m still struggling.

“I think they would have to phase it out a little bit so people can adjust because otherwise it would be basically impossible for me to keep going”, said Ms Watson.


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