Urgent review of JLN party status reqested

The Jacqui Lambie Network is in the Liberal Party's cross-hairs as with the State Director asking the Electoral Commission to urgently assess JLN's party status.

After Jacqui Lambie's departure from the senate the her party needs to be able to prove it has has at least five hundred members.

Liberal state director Sam McQuestin said the JLN was in a 'frantic bid to shore up numbers' and he wanted its status as a political party reassessed.

"The Liberal Party has written to the Tasmanian Electoral Commissioner asking for an urgent audit of the Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN) registered members list following a desperate call by Ms Lambie for more members.," Mr McQuestin said.

The "desperate call" he's referring to was in the JLN's latest e-newsletter where Ms Lambie admits her ability to meet the required numbers was "tight".

“In the next couple of months, the AEC will be checking to see if the JLN has more than the required 500 party members, now that we have no members in federal Parliament. We do have the numbers, but it’s tight," the newsletter said.

Mr Mr McQuestin said the official status of the JLN is "under a cloud".

"It appears that the wheels are falling off the JLN now that it has no members in federal Parliament after Ms Lambie sacked Senator Steve Martin from the JLN, which means the JLN has lost its automatic party status."