Election campaign trail

On the election campaign trail, the Liberals continue rolling out how $757 million of health spending is allocated.

It's announced the Northwest will share in $79 million of that, with $28 million on a new eight bed acute medical unit at the Northwest Regional Hospital and 6 million to build a new Ambulance Station in Burnie.

Labor has today released a plan to increase fees for tourists entering national parks to fund the employment of additional rangers and field officers.

Tasmania's major parties leaders have been thrashing it out in a debate staged in Burnie.

The Liberals Will Hodgman's made much of the surging economy while in government, while Labor's Rebecca White stayed the course on her message to restore the state's health system.

A protestor interrupted proceedings briefly by storming the stage with a Tarkine banner.

Meantime, there's a message for Tasmania's businesses to avoid being spooked by the prospect of a minority government after the election.

The state leads the nation for business confidence as the local economy powers ahead on the back of soaring tourism.

Michael Bailey from the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry told Tasmania Talks, while times were bleak during the previous minority government, it doesn't have to be that way.

"What I don't want if minority happens for businesses to panic, because there's no need to panic, there have been many great examples of good minority governments in the past and again I think it's important that business relaxes and that's another point too that every effort should be made to calm business, to make sure that business understands that the business policies are going to be followed through."