Tas AFL team too costly

Long time backer of Tasmanian football Jeff Kennett is not entertaining the state having its own AFL team any time soon because he believes it's financially out of reach.

The Hawthorn President's told Tasmania Talks for now the AFL leadership and major political parties are content with the Hawks / Roos home game deals in the North and South of the state.

He's critical of Tasmania being neglected financially by the AFL while teams such as Saint Kilda are being propped up with $20 million a year, but in his view a full Tasmanian team costing $40 to $50 million a year's unrealistic.

"The government's not going to put in $40 million, the AFL is not going to put in $40 million, they are not going to put $20 million in each, so you do need outside supporters to back such a team, the last thing I'd want is for Tasmania to have a team in name which is never competitive."

He's also weighed in on the disintegration of Tasmania's state league (TSL) and indicated the Hawks CEO will hold a meeting with new AFL Tasmania boss Trisha Squires to see if any help can be offered.

A withdrawal by Burnie and Devonport from the state's premier competition has left the league with just seven teams and no Northwest representation.