Tasmanians spend the least in the country on Valentine's Day

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Tasmanians are the least likely to splash their cash on Valentine's Day, with new research revealing we spend the least on the day than any other state.

While some couples may be falling in love with their significant other this Valentine's Day, it has been revealed many Australians are falling out of love with the day itself.

Tasmanians spend an average of $94 on the occasion compared to the national average of $127.

Suncorp Research's Lynne Sutherland said we are a far cry from New South Wales, who are the biggest spenders.
“New South Wales romantics are the most generous at $162 and Tasmanians are the most economical and $94,” Suncorp Research’s Lynne Sutherland said.

It seems our state thinks the day is outdated - with 60% believing so, also more than any other state.

Meanwhile, in a separate study conducted by romance experts, Mills & Boon it’s been revealed 97% of Australians feel that their partner isn't romantic and close to 70% are confused by what is considered romantic these day.

It seems Australians aren't a fan of romantic shows like the Bachelor or Married at First sight with more than half labelling it "cheesy” and “unrealistic."

But with Valentine's Day tomorrow Romance Writer Clare Connolly is encouraging Tasmanians to celebrate the day.

“There’s always being together, catching up for dinner, obviously going away maybe to Cradle Mountain or Bruny Island for the weekend, local restaurants and really making the effort to connect on Valentine’s Day,” Ms Connolly said.

• The top 5 day-to-day romantic things Aussies do for their partners
o 51% Having a cuddle
o 48.5% Holding hands
o 45% Buying a surprise gift
o 37% Planning a spontaneous trip away
o 34% Going for a romantic walk

• The top 5 dating and relationship worries people feel anxious about
o 53% When to introduce your partner to your family
o 46% When to say "I love you” and who says it first
o 39% How long to wait until you get in touch after a date
o 35% How long to wait before you sleep with someone
o 34% What to wear on a date

• The top 5 day-to-day cheesy gestures
o 29% Arranging a treasure hunt date
o 27% Wishing a partner happy anniversary on social media
o 25% Making a music playlist for your partner
o 21% Publicly changing your relationship status on social media
o 21% Writing a love letter

“I’m a big believer in Valentine’s Day being about love in general so for people who don’t have a partner catch up with your parents or your friends or your cousins or whoever your closest to in the world,” she said.