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Home from Qld fires

Tasmania Fire Service has brought home 42 firefighters from an interstate deployment, 12 returning to Devonport and 30 landing in Hobart.

The SES and Parks and Wildlife were also represented in the mission to provide expert input in the fight against fires ravaging Queensland.

Rod Sherrin from the TFS served as a Liaison Officer on the trip.

"The strike teams that came back today were based in Brisbane, they actually were tasked to Stradbroke Island and they were doing both day and night shifts, they had some challenges over there, they did a fantastic job."

Firefighter Sarah Castle from the Dodges Ferry brigade served on Stradbroke Island where at one stage the fire alert was at emergency level.

"The minute we got off the plane everyone wanted to come up and say thankyou, shake our hands and just show their appreciation that we had come over to allow them to have a bit of a rest."

TFS Deputy Chief Officer Bruce Byatt (pictured) was at Hobart Airport to greet his team.

"Beyond the relief that we provide for their crews, it also gives our people experience and a bit of a head start into our own fire season and on top of that they build networks with fellow firefighters around the country."