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Light Mofo: churches illuminate debate


Hobart churches are ditching their complaints and fighting art with art in response to this year's Dark Mofo festival.

The large inverted crosses seen on the waterfront in 2018 stirred up debate about who has the right to offend who; the hubbub moderating somewhat with organisers opting to install them "right-side-up" this year. 

Rather than resorting to fruitless acrimony, St David's Cathedral is running its "Light Repast" visual arts and music event this week, just a few hundred metres away from the "Love Story" exhibition at the Waterside pavilion.

Visitors can "Take a walk through the Pavilion while exploring different Greek words for love through art and prose," according to the event's Facebook page. 

The Baptists on Elizabeth Street are also chiming in with a confronting crucifix exhibit. 

A wrapped figure on a cross hints at themes such as the scandalous paedophilia cover-ups which have engulfed organisations around the world. 

Pastor Stephen Baxter says taking offence doesn't get humanity very far. 

"Even Jesus Himself on the cross, in the middle of that offence, in the middle of that horror said, 'Father, forgive them, they don't know what they're doing,'" he said. 

"The response, after offence, is to engage." 

Image: Stephen Baxter