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AFL security under fire

640px One day Cricket Australia vs England Bellerive Oval January 2011 2

The company providing security services for Hobart's Blundstone Arena is to review its training, after a guard seemed intent on breaking up a fight between two players in the North Melbourne / GWS match on Sunday.

The extraordinary footage has drawn stunned reactions from sports commentators, who are linking it to the AFL's overall handling of security in games - which has come under intense scrutiny this week.

"You had a bloody security guard attempt to come on the groud to separate two players," said Gerard Healy on Fox Footy's On The Couch.

"This is the problem if you don't address it, if the leadership is allowed to be handballed over to Marvel Stadium, you don't know what the outcome is going to be." 

"It's unbelievable. I've never seen anything like that before. That is absolutely ridiculous" Johnathon Brown said of the Blundstone incident.

"That is beyond the pale," agreed Gary Lyon. 

Gillon McLaughlin today apologised to fans who said they felt intimidated by Behvioural Awareness Officers at Marvel Stadium.

Nick Cummins from Cricket Tasmania, which oversees the Bellerive ground's operation, says there's no connection. 

"The incident on Sunday is quite separate to some of the broader discussion around security at football games. The reason it's newsworthy is because it's unprecedented...it's an unusual event," he said.  

"We've got a contractor that hires all the security but certainly the security guard made a mistake. The umpire to his credit handled it really well. So it was a near miss - nothing actually happened - but something could have happened which I think is what people are concerned about so our security company will review their training."