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All aboard new snow bus

The road to the top of Hobart's Mount Wellington is closed due to snow and ice, but that doesn't mean a trip to the summit is off the table.

In a deal with the council and the Park Management Trust, a bus purpose built for the route hit the road today, departing The Springs for some frolicking in the snow. 

Alex Heroys from Destination Southern Tasmania expects the service to be a big hit with those here for Dark Mofo.

"Many of those visitors have never seen snow, never experienced nature at some times at its bleakest, it's cold and the snow's coming sideways, it's a visceral experience, all kids are going to love getting up there in the snow, as well."

The family business behind Hobart's popular Red Deckers is behind this latest venture, Managing Director Jonathon Gregory (below) has invested $500,000 into the service.

This bus here today will run from the Springs up into the snow, we will have buses from the city running into The Springs and where we are standing now will be the interchange point for those buses for those passengers getting off here at The Springs and then joining the bus to head into the closed gate area."