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Man in "serious condition" after falling from vehicle

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A football function in the Northern Midlands has turned into a nightmare overnight, after a man fell from the back of a utility vehicle during an apparent joyride out of a local sporting ground.

Paramedics were initally called to clubrooms but quickly established the main incident at the intersection of High Street and Bridge Street in Campbell Town just after midnight.

The 27-year-old was taken to Launceston General Hospital with serious head injuries where he remains in a serious condition.

Police Inspector Ruth Orr says the driver - and any other possible passengers - appear to have fled the scene.

"We're being a little bit hampered at the moment in terms of information and trying to establish what happened," she said.

"I think it would be fairly reasonable to assume that the driver of the vehicle was aware there were people in the tray of the ute. We're asking for that person to come forward or anyone with information in respect to what's happened to contact us."

The vehicle is being described as a white 4WD utility.