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Tassie firefighters heading to NSW to help

TFS NSW bushfire help

27 additional TFS firefighters have left for Northern NSW to help the state battle unprecedented bushfires.

The group, including 25 volunteers, flew out on Airforce Hercules from Hobart Airport early this morning 

A Tasmanian strike team from the state attended the Kangawalla fire near Glen Innes on Friday to protect the Wybalena township, providing CPR and burns treatment to a woman who was then evacuated across a river.

Tragically, she later passed away in hospital and is one of the 3 whose lives have so far been claimed by the fires.

16 Parks and Wildlife firefighters from Tasmania are also scheduled to head over today to provide more assistance.

TFS Chief Officer Chris Arnol says it's good to be able to repay the favour to NSW, who sent 700 firefighters here to assist with the Huon Valley fires last summer.

"Our firefighters are in the thick of it," he said.

Late on Saturday morning, the NSW Rural Fire Service confirmed all missing persons had been accounted for. 

So far, over 150 homes have been lost and 35 people injured, including 19 firefighters.  

Image: TFS Facebook