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Yaraandoo's familiar failures

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Royal Commission in Tasmania has been drilling down into the Yaraandoo facility at Somerset near Burnie, which was sanctioned last year for critical deficiencies.

Ellie Valier has reflected on staff shortages and perceived management evasiveness in the care of her husband Brian in the final stages of his life, including repeated dramas around his toileting.

"He had an agonising death which, on the information available to me and subsequently checked, was avoidable, inexusable and unforgivable."

Clinical Care Coordinator Tammy Marshall described low morale in overburdened staff, training shortcomings, and a non-inclusive management regime with a dubious objective.

"Well there certaintly was a vision to save on costs, but I feel the vision was not looked upon as to the effect it would have on the facility." 

The former manager of Yaraandoo nursing home, Patrick Anderson, has admitted he probably did not have the experience required for his appointment, having been a registered nurse less than two years when he won the role.

"I felt in replacing me, it really was a site much more appropriate for a veteran manager."

Mnay similar stories of sub-par care due to funding shortages have been heard by the Royal Commission.