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TFS truck and crew sent to Victoria


A fire truck with specialist capabilities, and three firefighters, will head to Victoria today to assist with a fire burning in peat in the Gippsland region.

The heavy tanker truck, fitted with a state of the art compressed air foam system, can hold 8000 litres of water and 200 litres of concentrate that mixes to create a foam.

The aerated foam makes water use more efficient and increases the cooling effect by penetrating deeper into burning fuels, such as peat.

The blanket of foam can also filtrate the smoke to remove some of the toxic emissions.

The resources will be deployed for seven days, but they could stay longer if needed.

"Tasmania's fire agencies will continue to send resources interstate to assist with the bushfire emergencies for as long as that resourcing can be sustained," Chief Officer Chris Arnol said.

"With normal February conditions expected, and dry vegetation and low rainfall, the threat of bushfires for Tasmania this bushfire season is not over."

"Tasmanians should note what's happening interstate and prepare for further bushfire conditions." Mr Arnol said.