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35-seat House of Assembly recommended

Parliament House Hobart Panorama

A committee of Tasmanian MPs has recommended restoring the number of seats in the House of Assembly to 35, by giving the state 10 new politicans.  

The Lower House Committee made up of Greens, Liberal and Labor members examined the 1998 decision to reduce the number of MPs to 25, and has unanimously agreed it should be reversed.

It's found there are now too many ministerial advisers making decisions instead of politicians without direct accountability to the people of Tasmania, making it difficult for electorates to be effectively represented, and for the Opposition to scrutinise.

The Committee was looking into a Greens bill in 2018 which would bring back the 35-seat Lower House.

Government support would be needed to bring it to a vote, despite the fact that it's already been introduced to parliament. 

Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockcliff said it wasn't a priority for the government at this stage.

The report also calls for an Special Inquiry to look into a possible designated Aboriginal seat in parliament, something which has been called for by Tasmanian Indigenous groups.