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Hobart's go-slow a step closer

Hobart traffic

Hobart is a step closer to adopting 40 kilometre an hour speed limits in much of the CBD after last night's council meeting.

The state's Transport Commissioner will have the final say on the city's push to lower the limit.

Aldermen Simon Behrakis, Marti Zucco and Councillor Will Coats voted against, while Councillor Bill Harvey was among nine in favour.

"Whenever we've had gridlock in the city, it's because of accidents," he said. 

"What we're trying to do is limit the number of accidents in the city; you can see already in parts Hobart we've reduced the number of crashes by 16.7 per cent because we've reduced speed." 

Representatives put off a move to lower parts of Elizabeth, Collins and Liverpool Streets to 30 kilometres an hour until traffic modelling is complete.

Alderman Behrakis claims it's more left-wing anti-car bias at work in council. 

“Whilst I am glad the Council saw some reason and elected not to progress with the 30km/h does beg the question: why is the Council adamant on rushing ahead on making this unpopular decision on speed limits without waiting just a matter of weeks for traffic modelling that is already underway?" he said.

"This decision even includes throttling speed limits on Argyle and Campbell Streets which are major arterial roads."