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Gov urged to clamp down on essential workers

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The State Government is assuring Tasmanians it's acting only on public health advice, as Labor raises concerns about essential workers being allowed into the state from Victoria without quarantining.

Currently personnel are allowed to work and shop in the community if they're wearing masks, but there's no mandatory coronavirus testing.

The Tasmanian Government will provide an update on how it will manage Victorians wanting to enter the state on Friday, with border restrictions due to ease later this month. 

Labor Leader Rebecca White says essential worker rules need beefing up as Victoria's situation deteriorates. 

Ms White is also concerned some are entering the state on permits that are now weeks old. 

"For any person coming into this state who can enter as an essential worker and who doesn't need to quarantine, they should undertake a coronavirus test to ensure we can protect the health of Tasmanians," she said. 

“Recent steps to require workers coming in from lock down suburbs in Melbourne to wear masks while in Tasmania are grossly inadequate. We would question how this requirement is being enforced on worksites."

The call's been given short shrift by Senior Gutwein Government Minister Elise Archer - for now. 

"If any of those measures are needed and Public Health says so, then the government acts; but we won't be taking advice from Labor on that." 

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