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Commsec ranks Tassie on top - again


Tasmania's coronavirus success story is believed to be part of the reason for another nation-leading ranking in the Commsec State of the States economic snapshot.

Population growth is 86 per cent above the decade average here, fuelling top-ranked retail spending, equipment investment and housing starts.

"It's the fourth consecutive quarter that we've seen Tasmania at the top of the leaderboard," said Commsec Analyst Craig James. 

"Certainly as more people are coming to the Apple Isle that creates demand for jobs and houses." 

But Labor's David O'Byrne says decade averages don't tell the story of last year's economic outcomes, which saw Tasmania fare worse on a number of indicators. 

“The CommSec Report also highlights that Tasmania was the only state to see a fall in real wages over the last year and this data points to the real possibility that Tasmanian retail conditions could deteriorate when JobKeeper subsidies end in March," he said.