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No more free car travel on Spirits

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Spirit of Tasmania's ‘bring your car for free’ promotion has ended more than two months ahead of schedule, due to strong take up.

The federal government's $6 million boost to the Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme has attracted more than 50,300 cars, motorbikes and caravans onto the ferry since it began on March 1.

Passengers who made a new booking got the cost of a standard vehicle deducted from the total cost of their trip; a saving of about $99 and $149 each way between Devonport and Melbourne.

It was due to run until June 30 unless the funding allocation ran out before then - which is exactly what happened on Thursday night.

“At the time the promotion was announced, we were confident that this incentive would bring new visitors to Tasmania,” TT-line CEO Bernard Dwyer said.

“We also know that visitors who arrive by sea with their own vehicle stay longer, spend more and explore more in regional areas of the state than visitors who arrive by air.

“Our feedback from our tourism industry partners is that the promotion has been extremely successful at a time when the industry needed support.”

More than 15,000 passenger vehicles used the scheme in March, while there were 16,700 bookings for April, 10,300 in May and 8,300 in June.