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Embattled councillor no-show


Kingborough's Mayor says he's disappointed a councillor who was due to apologise for bad behaviour at Monday night's meeting didn't show up.

Councillor Paula Wriedt's code of conduct complaint against David Grace for threatening to "put her on her tail" after she called him out for sexism was upheld.

"The Panel determined that I had both the right and the responsibliity to draw that issue to Councillor Grace's attention," Cr Wriedt told the meeting. 

"I was not prepared for the aggressive responsive, the disruptive behaviour, and then being threatened with physical violence." 

Deputy Mayor Jo Westwood was similarly unimpressed. 

"This is never acceptable, it's not acceptable in any workplace and it's certainly not acceptable around this table," said Cr Westwood. 

"The report from the Code of Conduct Panel is quite damning, and it says that Cr Grace showed no remorse for the comment he made." 

Mayor Dean Winter wasn't impressed at Cr Grace's no-show. 

"I haven't received an apology from Cr David Grace and I haven't heard from him," he said. 

"He hasn't advised council formally that he is not arriving tonight, which is to my great disappointment." 

Image: Cr Wriedt addresses the meeting on Monday night (Kingborough Council Facebook)