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Booster rates increase

Development and creation of a coronavirus vaccine COVID-19 .Coronavirus Vaccine concept in hand of doctor blue vaccine jar. Vaccine Concept of fight against coronavirus.

Another 1,201 covid cases have been recorded in the last 24 hour reporting period.

349 positives were recorded from 2,088 PCR tests - 853 rapid antigen test results were reported.

1,731 people were released from their isolation period.

Tasmania currently has 7,439 active covid cases - 1,680 in the North, 900 in the North West, and 4,367 in the South.

24 people are being treated in hospital with covid - 10 specifically for their infection.

The state now has a 93.58% double dose vaccination rate.

In the third day of reporting of booster numbers, the state now sits at 23.08% of those eligible over aged 18 having had their third needle.