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Recycling hubs introduced for Central Coast

Recycling Hub
 Recycling just got a little easier for Central Coast residents with the installation of two specialised recycling hubs at Ulversone and Penguin.
The hubs have been funded through a grant from the Dulverton Regional Waste Management Authority and provide a centralised location to responsibly dispose of common items not accepted in the kerbside recycling program.
These can include spectacles, X-rays, printer cartridges batteries, mobile phones, aluminium coffee capsules and pods, plastic bread tags, CDs and DVDs, and small E-waste.
In a post on its Facebook page, the Central Coast Council says more waste streams can be added to the hubs as they are identified.
The recycling hubs can be accessed during business hours at the Council's administration centre at Ulverstone and it's Penguin service centre.