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No E-scooters for Devonport - for now

E scooters

The Devonport City Council is still undecided around the introduction of E-scooters to the city, as they hit the streets of Burnie yesterday in their first appearance on the Coast.

A fleet of 100 distinctive Beam scooters in Burnie will be available for use 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, improving transport options and connections for both leisure and commuting.
Beam has a three-strikes policy will apply for for riders who can be suspended for not doing the right thing, while dangerous riding or breaking the law could result in a permanent ban.
The app-based services uses the latest technology, including GPS, with riders being charged extra for not leaving them in designated parking spaces.

Devonport Mayor Annette Rockliff says the council has been in discussions with E-scooter operators, but will most likely adopt a wait and see attitude while the Burnie trial is underway.