WA council mutes primary school assemblies


A primary school in Perth's south has been banned by their local council from using microphones and playing music at school assemblies.

St Jerome's primary school in Munster use a church hall adjacent to the school for assemblies, which has been on the receiving end of complaints from one resident since May 2016.

The complaints included events held at the hall on Friday and Saturday evenings in late 2015, and that the school's assembly music and microphones were too loud.

After undertaking sound monitoring Cockburn City Council banned the use of amplified music or microphones in the hall, and said for the ban to be lifted, acoustic modifications had to be undertaken.

School principal Helen O'Toole told parents in the school newsletter that assemblies would now be held outside.

City of Cockburn mayor Logan Howlett said that despite schools being exempt from noise complaints, the ban still applied as the church was not technically part of the school.

"The city's administration have written to the department of environmental regulations seeking advice and interpretation as to whether the use of the parish hall can be exempted," he told 6PR radio.

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Image Credit: Pixabay