‘People Thought I’d Be Dead By Now’, Man Breaks World Record For Eating Over 34,000 McDonald’s Big Macs!

March 6, 2024 12:05 pm in by Kelsey Nagel
Photograph: Guinness World Records

A man has achieved a remarkable feat by consuming over 34,000 McDonald’s Big Macs in his lifetime, solidifying his Guinness World Records title for the most Big Macs eaten.

Don Gorske, aged 70, added 728 Big Macs to his tally in 2023, bringing the total to 34,128. Despite the iconic burger’s 590 calories per serving, Gorske has not encountered any health issues from his consumption.

He credits his good health to walking six miles daily and not ordering fries. Gorske’s fascination with Big Macs began in 1972, and he has meticulously recorded every purchase, even preserving the containers and receipts.

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While he once consumed nine Big Macs daily, he has since reduced it to two: one for lunch and one for dinner.

Gorske, who proposed to his wife in a McDonald’s parking lot, is renowned at his local McDonald’s, where his photo hangs on the wall. Despite trying a Burger King Whopper in 1984, he remains loyal to Big Macs, rarely eating anything else besides small snacks like ice cream or potato chips.

Despite occasional criticism, Gorske’s dedication to his favourite burger remains unwavering. His extraordinary eating habits were featured in the 2004 documentary “Super Size Me.”