This New Version of Uno Will Ruin Your Families And Friendships

October 13, 2023 9:59 am in by

Get ready for a family busting and friendship-running twist on the classic card game Uno!

The latest edition, Uno: Show ‘Em No Mercy, is designed to put your friendships and relationships to the ultimate test.

So brace yourselves for a mind-blowing ride as this version amps up the excitement with brand-new cards and rules.

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One of the most exciting new additions is the Wild Reverse Draw 4 card, giving you the power to change colours, reverse the order, and make the next player pick up four cards.

And just take the intensity to a whole new level, there’s also the Draw 10 card!

But beware of the Skip Everyone card, gifting you an extra turn while leaving all other players in the dust. Let’s not skip the shiny new Discard All card, forcing your opponents to discard cards of the same colour.

Get ready for some rule-bending fun with innovative gameplay mechanics like swapping 7s and passing 0s, taking the strategy to a whole new level.

And here’s the real kicker—the Mercy Rule! If you find yourself holding 25 or more cards, you’re out of the game, making victory a thrilling race to be the last one standing.

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Uno: Show ‘Em No Mercy has already taken social media by storm, with TikTok users sharing their excitement and trepidation about the new cards.

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While it’s yet to hit shelves in Australia, the game has already sold out in America, sparking a frenzy of resales on eBay.

Prepare to unleash the ultimate Uno experience and discover who will emerge victorious in this high-stakes battle of wit and luck!