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Each weekday morning, Ariele takes to the streets of Devonport and surrounds in the Sea FM Cruiser loaded up with the coast's best FREEBIES for you!

From the hottest movie tickets and CDs to snacks, drinks and Friends with Benefits Key Tags... simply listen to Lee & Jess each weekday morning from 8am to find out where the Sea FM Street Team will be. 

Our current giveaways are:

Oh Crap Dog Poop Bags - Changing the world one poop at a time! 
oh crap non plastic biodegradable dog poop bags 1 month pack Box Rolls grande web

Spreyton Fresh Apple Cider and Ginger Beer - All locally made cider straight from Spreyton

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Cripps Master Loaf - Daily Bread since 1878!

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Blue Dinosaur Super Bites,
a ridiculously healthy, grab-n-go snack, packed full of whole-food ingredients, the perfect pre-workout pick me up or guilt free 3pm snack! 
Blue Dinosaur Sour Cherry Bars have a flavour that bursts in your mouth and the Sour Cherry Bars are decadent and moreish, with a cheeky, sour bite!blue dinosaur

Would you like the Sea FM Cruiser to come to visit your business?

You've seen the Cruiser out and about, and heard us giving away goodies every weekday afternoon. But how do you get them to do their cross from your business?

It's easy, register your details below and someone will get in contact with you.

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