workday with mike ob

My iPhone hates me


Kia Ora.

Today Apple released the latest iOS 10.3.2 update with heaps of bug fixes. I am hoping it will fix my iPhone's stink attitude towards me. Of late it has done nothing but make me feel old and stupid. 

I started playing Wheel of Fortune on my phone and I seem to struggle to solve the easiest of puzzles. For example  - - - E -  GAME. Couldn't solve it for the life of me. Answer VIDEO GAME. I'm sure I heard Siri laugh.

When I'm in the car I ask Siri to play my favourite playlist. All I get is "I'm sorry I didn't get that"...dripping with sarcasm.

To make matters worse, my iPhone is shrinking it's text forcing me to squint like an old man who needs glasses. Maybe I need glasses...nah stuff that! I'll just buy a bigger iPhone. Bazinga Siri!!!



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