xmas 2017 wings

xmas 2017 wings

workday with mike ob

Foo Fighters down under


Kia Ora.

You would've already heard that Foo Fighters are set to tour Aussie and NZ early next year with Weezer. So good!

I can't help but reminisce about the time I saw them in 2011. Friday December 2nd at AAMI Park in Melbourne. My mate and I were up in the stands so sound wasn't that intense but a fantastic gig none the less. All the hits and new stuff from Wasting Light which was released earlier that year.

On the Saturday my mate's sister and her boyfriend were catching the Foo Fighters second Melbourne gig. They begged us to come. We kinda wanted to but we also wanted to spend our money on getting tattoos to remember the occasion. Upon entering the tattoo parlour we found it was too busy to fit us in. We saw Foo Fighters twice that weekend!

BTW...Saturday night was a much better set list...we were in the mosh pit so the sound was huge...Dave ran past my face on the runway...and I still don't have a tattoo LOL

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