School strike paused following in-class support offer

March 9, 2023 12:48 am in by

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Friday’s teacher stop work action has been paused after the walk off threat prompted the state government to improve its Teachers’ Agreement offer.

The Australian Education Union says schools are set to remain open on Friday, with new funding brought to the table for in-class support after strong member pressure.

Tasmanian Branch President David Genford explains the offer on the table.

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“We will see an extra 100 FTE positions put into schools, directly there to help teachers in the classrooms with their in-class support. On average it works out to about one hour a week for teachers which means they can actually have someone help them reduce their workload or support wherever required.

“It should not have taken a planned walk-off and strong union action for the Government to deliver students what they desperately need.

Mr Genford is critical of the government for taking 18 months to address the shortfall that has burnt out the education workforce.

“For too long educators have cried out for the resources needed to lift learning, and for too long their cries for help have been denied.

“We will now carefully consider the revised offer and determine whether the promised in-class support measures help meet the needs of educators, who for more than 18 months, have had their untenable working conditions ignored by this government,” said Mr Genford.

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Members will vote on whether the offer is satisfactory or whether to continue their collective action.


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